We’re Back! Our second event is coming in November!

Welcome to our site, we’re super glad you are here.  For too long now its been hard to find other Linux users in Maine…  But you can change that by registering for our second meeting!  Our second meeting will be at the Belfast Free Library again on Saturday November 12th from 2pm to 8pm. Tickets are free.  There will be all sorts of fun, prizes, raffles, and so much more! Two talks will be given, one of them by Jon “maddog” Hall. Register today don’t delay



Basically, we started yesterday.  One lone penguin had been wondering what had happened to the previous MELUG, and had noticed the last posted meeting was in 2015.  This made this lone penguin quite sad.  So, it was decided that a new group would be formed. That’s why this crude website has been hastily slapped together.  The only thing worse than a sad penguin, is a lonely and sad penguin.

We plan to do three things with this group. 
The first, like most Linux meetups, is to promote the good word of Tux and Linus Torvalds in creating new converts from windows and mac.

The second, is to provide a place for penguins to gather as a flock

The third, is to help students in Maine get certified in Linux and help them discover opportunities in remote employment.

Linux loves GNU

What’s happening

our Second meeting

Come to our second meeting on Saturday the 12th of November in Belfast Maine at the Belfast Free Library.  Its going to be a great time.  We will get the chance to talk about the direction of this group and what we hope to accomplish with it.  There will be prizes, raffles, and all sorts of cool swag!  Not to mention, we’ve got an AWESOME guest speaker for our second event! 

Click here for your free tickets!

Jon “maddog” Hall

Jon “maddog” Hall, or simply “maddog” as he goes by, is one of the original figures in the lore of Linux.  With experience across the board, from AT&T’s famous Bell Labs all the way to the board chair of the Linux Professional Institute, maddog is a guest speaker you won’t want to miss.  Learn more about maddog by clicking the links below.

maddog’s twitter


Wikipedia Page



Making all of the things that go into running a group as a singular penguin IS A TON OF WORK.  Please reach out to me today if you are interest in helping.  This website was put up in a day (it probably shows) but so was the insta, youtube, codepen, github, and twitter. 

This is a great opportunity for all of us to create the open source community that we always wished we had.  Not just for southern Maine, but all of Maine.  Think of all of the kids who could have their entire lives changed by earning an LPIC-1, Linux+, or LCSA and using that to get a remote job right out of the gate.  We have the chance to create a better Maine with open source technology.